Privacy and Big Data: Conferences, Interviews, Webcasts, and a New Resource Page!

November 6, 2011 at 8:24 pm Leave a comment

By Mary Ludloff

Greetings one and all! Terence and I have been very busy with our day, night, and weekend jobs! Naturally, in the midst of QA’ing the latest release of PatternBuilders Analytics Platform, our book commitments have also been on the rise with interviews, a podcast, and some upcoming conferences that we will be speaking at. The past few weeks have been a wee bit crazy for us, but also a lot of fun. Our book certainly has sparked some lively conversations:

  • The rise of data collection by some known, and many unknown parties, as well the selling of that data to third parties for unknown (there’s that word again) uses.
  • The role of government, regulation, and policies in the digital world we all inhabit.
  • The various constituencies and their privacy agendas.
  • How privacy could become a competitive advantage for those companies who are transparent about the collection and various uses of our data.

Terence’s conversation with Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand was thoughtful and far ranging as well as our sponsored panel on “The Evolution from Private to Public” where Terence, Jim Adler, danah boyd, Heather West, and Natalie Fonseca tackled the state of privacy today (replays available). Terence was also interviewed for an O’Reilly Radar article on what privacy means in an age of big data where he took on the issue of anonymization and its corollary, de-anonymization, and chatted with a number of radio talk show hosts, including Mark Skoda and Bill Frank (audio available).

I also got in radio interview mode with Doug McElvein and Debbie Monterrey of Total Information AM, Jack Harris and Tedd Webb of A.M. Tampa Bay (they were very surprised to hear that their state made $63 million selling Florida DMV personal information to third parties), and Dave Malarkey of WISR News Talk Radio. We are also scheduled to speak at a pii2011 Venture Forum on “Mapping the pii Market,” which will take a look at the personal information eco-system, as well as Strata 2012 where we will ask and answer this question: “Is there room for privacy in the digital age?”

Yes, lots of “stuff” going on! So much stuff, in fact, that we decided to create a Privacy and Big Data resource page where everything related to our book and privacy is located in one place. The page includes information and replays (when available) of events, webcasts, and interviews that we have participated in, all of our posts on data privacy and data security, as well as the most frequently asked questions on privacy topics and our answers. We hope you like it and as always, if you have questions, etc., drop us a comment!

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