See You at Strata West—Don’t Miss Our Panel on Big Data and Supply Chain Management!

February 22, 2012 at 1:24 pm 1 comment

By Mary Ludloff

While Terence and I and the rest of the PatternBuilders team (and they are all a wee bit tired) have been busy working on the launch of our new financial services application, FinancePBI, I had to take a break to talk about our upcoming Strata Conference panel. No, the panel is not about privacy and big data (good guess though and a golden opportunity for me to plug happily away). Instead, we decided to take a look at big data and supply chain management.

Did you know that manufacturers store more data than any other sector? That would be almost 2 exabytes in 2010. And that the data comes from all kinds of systems? Including process control, CAD, CAE, supply chain management, and all the way through the global supply chain to systems that monitor and capture data about the performance of products that have already been sold. Did you know that a Boeing 737 generates 240 terabytes of data on ONE cross-country flight? And all of this data is expected to grow exponentially. Take RFID for example: McKinsey predicts that the number of RFID tags will increase from 12 million in 2011 to 209 billion in 2021. (All stats courtesy of my dear friends at McKinsey in their report, “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity” but there are also two great videos on this topic at The Tribulations of an Analytical Mind.) Yes folks, welcome to the big data world of SCM!

As you all know, PatternBuilders is a big analytics company and while we live and breathe big data challenges, getting one’s arms around big data and supply chain management is a topic that is so broad that even we can check our egos at the door and reach out to what we like to call the Sensei’s of SCM. As all great teachers do when asked, they agreed to join our Strata JumpStart panel and discuss: Big Data and Supply Chain Management—Evolution or Disruptive Force? Joining Terence as the panel moderator are three panelists that have operated at the forefront of the big data explosion and have had to address the opportunities and challenges of big data on supply chain processes and operations:

  • Lora Cecere, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, author of enterprise software blog Supply Chain Shaman, and upcoming book, Bricks Matter, has traveled the world in search of supply chain excellence. She has worked in the manufacturing trenches for companies like Proctor & Gamble and Kraft/General Foods, transitioned into enterprise software product marketing at Manugistics and Descartes, and then served as an industry analyst for Gartner, AMR Research, and Altimeter Group.  As someone who reads her blog and follows her on Twitter (@lcecere), she is equal parts insightful and pragmatic and is always able to cut through the marketing hyperbole to get at the truth (and coming from a marketer this is high praise indeed!).
  • Pervinder Johar, Executive Vice President and CTO for CCC Information Services, also has a unique pedigree. His roots in SCM enterprise software development go deep. As Senior Vice President of Products at, he was focused on providing Transportation Management Software as a Service to global shippers. In various senior executive level positions at Manhattan Associates, Pervinder managed supply chain research and product development across all its product lines, including, Advanced Planning, Demand Forecasting, Warehouse Management Systems, and RFID. Then Pervinder decided to join Hewlett-Packard as its Chief Supply Chain Architect and established a Pan-HP Supply Chain transformation program that focused on building the industry’s best supply chain while reducing supply chain costs by 10%.  Who better to discuss big data and SCM than someone who has been a solution provider and an SCM owner for a company that was ranked number 11 in the Fortune 500 in 2011?
  • Marilyn Craig, Senior Director of Worldwide Planning and Analysis at Logitech, has spent most of her career operating on the demand side of SCM or as she puts it: “My role comes into play at what I like to call the intersection of SCM with sales operations.” Boy does it ever! At Logitech Marilyn (and her team) is responsible for advanced analytics, long-term planning, and all the processes and tools that the sales and marketing organizations use to feed demand data into SCM processes and operations. Marilyn is no stranger to retail sales channels either—at Intuit her go-to market and channel strategies for Intuit’s Quickbooks’ product line resulted in an additional $30 million in revenue (from $110 to $140 million). She has also dabbled in the “development world,” designing and developing a retail channel information system (the first of its kind in CES) for H-P’s multi-billion dollar printer business (and was known to work with a CEO of the same last name on a big data problem or two).

What more can I say? Except perhaps this: expect some straight talk from a group that believes in telling it like it is (not what we’d like it to be). If you’re going to Strata, this is a must-see event. If you’re thinking of going to Strata, we can give you a discount code (we’re not allowed to put it in our posts) so just email me and I will send it to you. If you can’t be there, no worries as we will post about the conference and this panel in the coming weeks. Oh, and you can also follow the happenings via Twitter (hashtag #strataconf).

Terence and I hope to see you there! And if you’re around, stop by and see us at the Expo Hall Reception on February 29 at the O’Reilly booth. We’ll be signing some books and are always happy to talk about our favorite topics (privacy, big analytics, SCM, financial services, beer—well Terence at least—the list goes on and on)!

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