Privacy and Big Data: Speaking at Strata East (NYC), Book Update, and Upcoming O’Reilly Webcast

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By Mary Ludloff

There are times when Terence and I look at each other and say, “What on earth were we thinking?” And this is one of those times! PatternBuilders is crazy busy right now putting out release 3.0 of our Analytics Platform (the secret sauce for our analytics applications that we like to call data-science-in-a-box), ramping up on a funding round, working with partners on a University of Sydney research project on the impact of social media on a company’s stock price (a really fun project and a post about it is in the works), and, of course, supporting customers and prospects on their big data initiatives. So… since we did not have enough to do (sarcasm on), we decided it was time to update our book, participate in a pre-Strata East webcast, speak at the Strata Conference and the MongoDB User Group (that is collocated with Strata) in New York City! In the words of the immortal Bette Davis in All About Eve (and ever so slightly revised):

“Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night ride!”

Really, what were we thinking?????

Privacy and Big Data Update in the Works

For the past month, Terence and I have been engaged in a sort of what comes first the chicken or the egg discussion when it comes to updating our book. Should we update each chapter or should we produce new chapters to focus on specific privacy issues? In the end (drum roll please), we decided to add chapters to the book. It seemed that this would be the best of both worlds—folks who’ve already read the book could simply focus on the new chapters and new readers could start from the beginning. There will be three new chapters:

  • One chapter will focus on the “privacy year in review,” catching readers up on the most pressing privacy issues of the year. Some of the items we’ll cover: the rise of the surveillance industry, how more government agencies are engaging in big data initiatives focused on our “personal data,” new questionable uses of our personal data, and the state of legislative proposals in the U.S. as well as the EU and other regions.
  • Our second chapter will ask and (try to) answer this question: What does privacy mean in the digital age? Certainly, many authors, bloggers, journalists, privacy experts, legislators, and the various and sundry court systems have tried to answer this and we are going to look at what they’re saying as well as attempt to answer it ourselves. And for those of you familiar with our points-of-views, you know that we are not going to be in total agreement on the answer!
  • And finally, our third chapter will address the one thing that every reviewer has noted that we did not do in the original book: predict how the privacy debate will impact the future of businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Consider this our version of looking into a crystal ball because one of us (that would be me) has what some might call farfetched predictions to make!

For those of you looking for a publication date on this (as is our esteemed editor), we hope to have completed the update before the holiday season (and yes, the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving but there are lots of holidays before December 31st!).

Check Out the O’Reilly Webcast on October 3 That Previews the Strata East Conference

Terence and I have 25 minutes in this webcast to consider the following question: Is there such a thing as privacy in the age of big data? During the webcast, we will look at:

  • This year’s most interesting privacy “events” and how they impact all of us.
  • Discuss whether privacy is well on its way to becoming an endangered species (just like the dodo bird).
  • Consider the possibilities of a privacy fallout via increased regulation and silo’d big data sets.

We hope that you will all join us for what promises to be a lively discussion!

 Come See Us at Strata East on October 23

If you are attending Strata East or just happen to be in New York City on October 23, you should sit in on the Data Driven Business Day. For Strata West’s Data Driven Business Day, we hosted and moderated a panel on big data and supply chain management. We had a great time with the panel and loved the fast paced format of the day. Now, Strata Chair Alistair Croll has upped the ante on us. He has given us 15 minutes to ask and answer this question: How much privacy can we really expect in the digital age?

For those of you who have seen us in “speaker action” or watched the videos, it would be easy to conclude that we are not the most succinct people in the world. (And you would be correct!) But we like challenges and believe that we have come up with a dynamic way to illustrate our answer. Purposefully vague? Yes! But feel free to guess in comments. Who knows? We may “borrow” your guesses and add them to our session! And if we do, the appropriate attributions will be made. We promise.

Come See Terence at the MongoDB User Group Meeting on October 23

In keeping with our more is more approach during the month of October, Terence will also be speaking at the MongoDB User Group Meeting on the evening of the 23rd. The meeting is located in the same venue as the Strata Conference (so please stop by) and is a great way for the community to learn from one another about MongoDB best practices, etc. Terence’s topic is one of his favorites: talking about how we are using MongoDB on Microsoft Azure. More details to follow in an upcoming post.

As always, please feel free to comment on what you’d be interested in seeing covered in our book update as well as our webcast and Strata session. We welcome all suggestions and even listen—hey, we added a new chapter to our book based on reviewer feedback!

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