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Speaking at the Inman Data Summit

By Terence Craig
In another example of how awareness of the importance of Big Data is growing across industries, I have been invited to speak at the Inman Data Summit on Monday July 25th in San Francisco.  I will be participating in a panel discussion titled:

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility: Why Privacy is a Big Deal

With widespread media coverage about data breaches and several proposed bills making their way through the U.S. Congress, privacy is a hot-button topic that you can’t afford to ignore. How you handle the information you’re entrusted with can be a make-or-break proposition for your brand. Learn how to get personal with big data while mastering the legal, ethical and technological challenges. What are best practices for collecting consumer data and tracking your Web visitors? How do you glean the most from their online behavior without being “creepy?” (more…)

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Video: Big Data Made Easy

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