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The Truth is Out There—Why are We So Afraid of It?

By Mary Ludloff

The first time I was asked this question it stopped me in my tracks. And that’s pretty hard to do since I am in marketing (you know, it’s all about the brand, the message, staying on track, etc., no matter what) and have sat in many VC (where every answer you give is subject to what seems like intensive psychoanalysis) and board (when you have to justify why a down quarter happened and make them believe that you can turn this around) meetings.

So here’s what happened.  I was at a networking meeting and when asked about what my company did, gave my standard 30 second answer which is pretty much about helping companies create and sustain data-driven environments which will foster “better” decisions about their business. After a little back and forth about analytics and data and how these topics seem to be attracting more and more interest, I was asked this question: what happens if you find out that everything you’ve been doing is wrong? (more…)

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