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Data Science: What the World Needs is Answers, Not Just Insights Part 2 (of 3)

By Marilyn Craig, Managing Director, Insight Voices

As you may or may not know, we are in the midst of a 3-part series on data science, covering roles, skills, etc.—generally what you should think about as well as what’s not as important (no matter what the latest articles say!). For Part 2, we have a guest poster—Marilyn Craig of Insight Voices. Marilyn is what I like to call a “classic quant.” She has been at the forefront of big data and data science before most people knew these terms (and spaces) existed and has been my go-to person whenever I had an analytics question (see title) that I needed an answer to. In this post, Marilyn looks at insights and makes the case for why we should all care far more about answers. Take it away Marilyn!

Here’s an interesting question for this new world order of Big Data Analytics: what’s an Insight and what’s an Answer? Sometimes they are the same, sometimes not. An insight is a piece of information or understanding. It may or may not be useful. It may or may not help your business improve, solve world hunger, or even make sense. An answer is always useful. It is the result of asking a question. And the best kinds of answers are those that solve the questions that you really care about. (more…)

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In Search of Elusive Big Data Talent: Is Science Big Data’s Biggest Challenge? Or Are We Looking in the Wrong Places? (Part 1 of 3)

By Mary Ludloff

When we talk to prospects about their big data initiatives our conversations usually revolve around issues of complexity that goes something like this:

“Big data is so big (no pun intended), there’s such a variety of sources, and it’s coming in so fast. How can we develop and deploy our big data projects when everyone is telling us that we need lots and lots of data scientists and oh, by the way, there aren’t enough?”

Admittedly, many media outlets and pundits are positioning the search for skilled big data resources as what I can only characterize as the battle for the brainiacs. Don’t get me wrong, I am not disputing McKinsey’s report on big data last year that made it clear a talent shortage was looming, estimating that the U.S. would need 140,000 to 190,000 folks with “deep analytical skills” and 1.5 million managers and analysts to “analyze big data and make decisions based on their findings.” But the hype surrounding the data scientist is getting a bit absurd and we seem to be forgetting that those 1.5 million managers and analysts may already be “walking amongst us.” Is a shortage of data scientists really big data’s biggest challenge? (more…)

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IDC’s Latest Digital Data Study: A Deep Dive

By Mary Ludloff

IDC Digital Universe Study Infogrpahic, Sponsored by EMC

IDC 2011 Digital Universe Study and Infographic, Sponsored by EMC

The PatternBuilders team has been “crazy busy” the last couple of weeks! Terence and I continue to work on our Ebook (plugged again!), I am still working my way through the McKinsey study on big data (long but incredibly interesting), the team is putting the final touches on a very cool analytics demo (that’s all I am going to say right now but you’ll hear more about it over the next couple of weeks), and we are all testing the latest release of our platform. That being said, when the IDC paper on “Extracting Value from Chaos” came out, I set everything aside to read through it (and you should too).

Before I begin my deep dive into the paper, I must say something about IDC: when it comes to research, nobody does it better. As a marketer, I am often asked about the different analyst firms and where a company should “spend” its analyst budget. IDC is always on my “short list” because I find its research to be both broad and deep and filled with useful insights. (Full disclosure: we are not an IDC client but hope to be one in the future.) (more…)

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A Word, or Two, About Infographics (Data Visualizations Too)

By Mary Ludloff

Okay, I love infographics, otherwise known as information graphics and its close cousin, data visualizations. An infographic is a graphic visual representation of data or information. A data visualization is a visual representation of data (not necessarily graphical). When done well, either can crystallize a thought or idea that might take a number of textual paragraphs to explain. In other words, a picture (graphical or otherwise) is sometimes worth a thousand words.

But be careful that the “picture” does not misrepresent the words behind it. For example, an infographic on censorship seems to indicate that the U.S. and Canada has more censorship than Russia and Australia. Of course, that all depends on your definition of censorship.



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My Favorite Techie, Business, Social, Big Data/Big Analytics Things

By Mary Ludloff

Well, it’s that time of year and in keeping with the “holiday” spirit, I thought that I would post about some of my favorite things—some are business-related and others are simply fun. And before I start, I want to say upfront that I was not paid by anyone for my plugs! So here goes. (more…)

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