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Data Privacy Regulation Roundup for February and Facebook’s FTC Response

By Mary Ludloff

You may sometimes wonder why we spend so much time on data privacy for a company in the big data and analytics business. Well, as I said in a past post , we should all be concerned about the privacy of our data—industries, companies, and consumers alike. This is also self serving because anyone in the big data business is dependent on individuals’ and corporations’ willingness to input and share their data digitally.  Without this commitment, ad-driven sites (like Google) and analytics platform providers (like PatternBuilders) have no reason to exist.  For us, this means keeping abreast of regulatory actions to better understand how companies may, wittingly or otherwise, find themselves on the wrong side of the privacy fence. So, on with the regulatory roundup!

Now for those of you interested in following data privacy regulation issues, I highly recommend subscribing to the Information Law Group’s blog and following them on twitter (@InfoLawGroup). In a recent blog post, they cover several announcements made by enforcement agencies and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority): (more…)

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