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Data is Officially Big Business and Exploratory Analysis is in the Driver’s Seat

By Mary Ludloff

In case you haven’t heard, data is “a $100 billion marketplace.” There are data markets, like Gnip, Infochimps, and Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace that offer some datasets for free and others for a price. And those prices may be dropping considerably due to data reseller, Mediasift, which is providing very low cost access to social data. This means that companies outside of the Fortune 500 can now afford to purchase small and deep slices of social data for “pennies on the dollar” when compared to other data markets. There are also public datasets offered by and others. And all of these datasets are constantly growing, fed by the data generated by social networks, e-commerce, mobile location, and yes, advertising technology. Think about this for a moment:

“… 600 billion electronic transactions are created in the U.S. every day, and many of those transactions come from geo-locational data generated by cell phones, which through cellular towers, triangulate a person’s exact location at any time. Wireless providers have that data in real time.”


April 13, 2011 at 7:19 pm 5 comments

Taking Social Media Analytics To The Next Level

By Terence Craig


One of our original design goals at PatternBuilders was to make the aggregation of data sources a simple and ongoing process.

We have recently become very interested in analytics that look at social media data, primarily because the streaming nature of social media makes it ideal for our streaming analytics engine. This seems to have been overlooked by most of the existing solutions in the space—this is probably due to the fact that the sheer amount of data and the opportunity to aggregate it with other large streaming data sources, such as POS, sell-through, and sell-in is very hard to do. (more…)

February 15, 2011 at 8:29 pm 9 comments

On Data Privacy—Where Do You Fall on the Tolerance Scale?

By Mary Ludloff

While all the keynotes at Strata were interesting, one stood out in particular: Scott Yara’s “Your Data Rules the World.” For those of you not in the big data space, Scott’s take on the amount of data being churned out by the government, internet, phone and tv, as well as the financial, medical, and retail industries and what is, and should be, done with it is well worth its 15 minute runtime.

But what fascinated me was how Scott started his session. He talked about himself from the viewpoint of the Internet. He showed where he lived (via Google Maps), showed a small section of his college transcript, showed how you could find out what he paid for his house, showed what his house was currently worth, showed the property taxes pending, and finally, showed a snapshot (from a website) of him running a red light that resulted in a traffic ticket. Now, if you read a previous post of mine about how much information is publicly available about you, you’re not surprised by this. Neither was I. (more…)

February 8, 2011 at 6:05 pm 2 comments

Video: Big Data Made Easy

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