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Big Data Makes Its Broadway Debut (Sort of) and Other News

By Mary Ludloff

What a week for big data in the news! Less than two to three years ago, it seemed like big data was the sole purview of “pioneer” companies and industries (like retail and financial services). Today, everyone is writing about it (follow us on @bigdatapbi for the news we come across) and we’ve gone from industry- or research-related “stories” to mainstream press reporting from outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Forbes. But you really know you’ve made it when you’ve taken your metaphorical bow on Broadway.

Full disclosure: I am a theater maven. Love Broadway, love the theater, love going to New York City to see shows. So imagine my early morning pre-coffee surprise when I saw this headline in the Wall Street Journal: Big Data Hits Broadway. Somebody wrote and produced a play about big data? How could I not know about this? Who’s in the cast? Well… not quite! However, the slogan “Conquer Big Data” is on a sign gracing Times Square. As editor Michael Hickins points out in the article:

“As you can see from these roadside signs – one above Broadway in New York’s Times Square district, the other on Highway 101 between San Jose and Redwood City – Big Data has gone from bleeding edge to the edge of the highway.” (more…)

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Thoughts on Identity Theft, Government IT, Facebook and Google Plus

By Mary Ludloff

Before I begin, I must admit to being in a very grumpy mood which may (ever so slightly) color the topics in the post title. As you know, Terence and I are not only “work-working” but in our copious amounts of spare time, working on our book (plug fully, absolutely intended). While the book is going well, I must say that it has affected my Zen-like ability to remain calm (I can hear Terence chortling) when others may “lose it.” This leads me (you’ll understand in a minute) to the issue of identity theft. (more…)

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Data Security Reminder: Strong Passwords are Your Best Line of Defense

By Mary Ludloff

Yes, I am still working on my second post about the McKinsey Report which focuses on the U.S. health care system and what we can do to “analytically” fix it but I am also, as always, keeping an eye out for interesting news items to pass along. In particular, a WSJ blog post about data security (yours and mine) caught my eye because it reminded me of the importance of passwords.

As you may remember, a while back the WJS “broke” a story that smartphone apps are hijacking our personal information. Well, according to the WSJ, this is still the case:

“Computer security firm viaForensics has found the applications for top Internet companies LinkedIn Corp., Netflix, Inc., Foursquare and Square, Inc. stored various forms of users’ personal data in plain text on a mobile device, putting sensitive information at risk to computer criminals… The Android applications of LinkedIn, Netflix and Foursquare stored user names and passwords in unencrypted form on their Google-powered devices. Storing that data in plain text violates a commonly accepted best practice in computer security. Since many people tend to use the same usernames and passwords across any number of sites, the failing could help hackers penetrate other accounts… ViaForensics also found the iPhone version of Square’s mobile payments app exposed a user’s transaction amount history and the most recent digital signature of a person who signed an electronic receipt on the app.”


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On Social Media: The Real Marketing Transformation

By Mary Ludloff

We are going to be releasing the beta version of our Social Media Analytics solution in the near future and as a result, have been steeped in what I like to call the social media monitoring versus analytics debate. As a B2B marketer I have some thoughts on this topic as do some of my B2C marketing colleagues (hah! I feel a metrics faceoff in the making) but I am going to save that discussion for our beta announcement post. That being said, the whole topic of social media got me thinking about marketing in general and how the advent of social media has had a profound effect on the way we communicate.

In the “olden” days we B2B marketers were focused on the message as in “be on message.” We spent a great deal of time on the message platform, carefully crafting messages that articulated the pain of our targeted audience and spelled out our value in words that would resonate with them. To begin the process, we’d throw a bunch of executives, our top sales performers, and one or two product marketing folks into a room and begin with this simple exercise: if our company was a car, what kind of a car would it be? Pretty silly huh? And what has this to do with messaging? (more…)

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Your Expectation of Privacy: Think Before You Share

By Mary Ludloff

I am often surprised (okay, taken aback) by what I find out about someone on the Internet. It seems to me that most people have an expectation of privacy that simply does not exist. I know, I know, you have privacy settings that you use for your various accounts—but have you googled yourself lately?

Case in point. My nephew graduated from college recently and he asked me for some help regarding his job search. I think that he expected me to edit his resume, help with cover letters, and run him through some standard interview questions. Which I did. (more…)

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Big Data is the New Black… And it’s Here to Stay

By Terence Craig

Some impressions from O’Reilly’s Strata Conference 2011.

We had a great time at Strata 2011.  The O’Reilly folks did a great job of organizing a really well run show – hat tip to JB Wheatley for making life as easy as possible for speakers.

As a member of a company that has been carrying the big data, big analytics flag for a while, it was great to see a sold out show dedicated to the area that will provide one of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest challenge, for 21st century computing.   Our presentation seemed to go well – we had a good crowd and a bunch of folks came up to us during the rest of the week to discuss/argue some of the points we raised.  My statement about traditional databases/data warehouses not being up to the task definitely annoyed some people, but everybody that approached us was polite and thoughtful and we had some good discussions. (more…)

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Data and Privacy: Who Owns “You?”

Part 1 in an ongoing series on data privacy.

By Mary Ludloff

There’s a great report on the power and possibilities of Big Data that was just released by NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts in the U.K. I could give you a long and involved explanation of how this all came to be, but David Rowan from does a much better job synthesizing the event itself and the report results so read his article instead!

Now, if you’re interested in Big Data, this is a must read. And even if you’re not, you really should at least read the section on our electronic soul because it is all about data privacy and they tell it much better than I ever could. (more…)

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TMI: Your Privacy, Data, and the Internet

By Mary Ludloff

Personally, I don’t have a Facebook page. I do have a Twitter handle, but I never use it. When I comment on an article or blog post, I am very careful about what I say (you never know when something you “type” in the heat of the moment can come back to bite you and my rule also applies to Voicemail and Email but I digress). Of course, when it comes to my friends and family and “me,” I leave it up to them. However, I do ask them not to use my last name in posts, photo captions, etc. And they seem to honor my request.

Now, professionally, I can be found on LinkedIn (last name and all), on corporate management team pages, listed as a PR contact, and as a commenter and blog poster. If you google or bing me, you will discover that I was once a co-author of an SQL book and you will be able to find out a few other details about me that I do not like the world at large knowing. However, considering how much you could know about me, I consider myself lucky. (more…)

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Video: Big Data Made Easy

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