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Privacy and Big Data: Conferences, Interviews, Webcasts, and a New Resource Page!

By Mary Ludloff

Greetings one and all! Terence and I have been very busy with our day, night, and weekend jobs! Naturally, in the midst of QA’ing the latest release of PatternBuilders Analytics Platform, our book commitments have also been on the rise with interviews, a podcast, and some upcoming conferences that we will be speaking at. The past few weeks have been a wee bit crazy for us, but also a lot of fun. Our book certainly has sparked some lively conversations:

  • The rise of data collection by some known, and many unknown parties, as well the selling of that data to third parties for unknown (there’s that word again) uses.
  • The role of government, regulation, and policies in the digital world we all inhabit.
  • The various constituencies and their privacy agendas.
  • How privacy could become a competitive advantage for those companies who are transparent about the collection and various uses of our data.


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Privacy and Big Data is almost here!

By Terence Craig

Our e-book is entering production next week which is the final step before publication. Mary and I are very happy with the result and hope you will be as well.

We will let you know when we have the official release date. But as a teaser, here  is the cover (which we love).  However, I will admit to being pretty distressed when I found out that because this was a security book we weren’t allowed to get one of the famous O’Reilly animal covers. But then again, since O’Reilly authors are never told why a particular animal is picked for a book by the talented Ms. Friedman and given that mysteries drive me nuts its probably just as well! 😉

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Reflections on pii2011 and MongoSF and a Shout Out to Rackspace for Great Customer Service

By Terence Craig

Regular readers may have noticed I have been a bit quiet on the blog front lately – but as Mary mentioned, things got very hectic here in PatternBuilders land over the last couple of weeks.  In the midst of all the business-related activities, I was also invited to speak at two great conferences—pii2011 and MongoSF 2011. 

pii2011 is one of the premier events on digital privacy and included smart people from the entire spectrum of the privacy debate.  The speakers and the audience were very diverse but included: technologists, analysts, journalists, folks living off the grid, consumer advocates, chief privacy officers, privacy related startups, lawyers, executives from the large Internet properties, including Facebook and Google,  large data collection services (including Acxiom, and Intelius) and even a few folks from the government (but as one of the speakers pointed out, not nearly as many as you would hope for such an important issue).  (more…)

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Speaking at Privacy Identity Innovation conference (pii2011): Building Trust in a Digital Age

By Terence Craig

I am excited to announce that I will be participating in a roundtable session at pii2011. The topic I will be discussing is something that I spend quite a bit of time on both professionally and personally: Getting Personal with Big Data.  It is a topic I have blogged about, several times including here and here and it  forms a big part of the Ebook I am co-authoring as well. (We haven’t worked out the details yet, but we got permission from our publisher, O’Reilly, to give away the first chapter of the book at the show so look for an announcement on how to get it if you will be attending.)

As a company in the big data and analytics space, it is important for us to understand the issues of privacy as it applies to big data sets, singularly and in aggregate. And while the “greater good” benefits of big data analysis are significant, our industry must also address, in a proactive way, the data privacy issues that can result. After all, if we do not, we will lose the trust of the very people that we rely on for much of our data: the consumers. And once trust is lost, much more restrictive regulations will result which will impact the many valuable benefits of big data analysis. (more…)

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Video: Big Data Made Easy

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