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The New New Thing

By Terence Craig

Before we dive back into geekier topics, I highly recommend that you click on this image and buy Lewis’ book.  It is a great distillation of the valley’s culture during the Internet bubble.

In my last post, I talked about how had bought back the venerable timesharing model by applying the new architectural model of multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy made timesharing viable for the Internet era. (more…)

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Back to the future

By Terence Craig

In my last post, I talked about how the time sharing model for enterprise apps was displaced by user owned data centers and on premise deployments of enterprise software.  In the late nineties, a plethora of companies tried to reinvigorate the timeshare model, using the Internet as a cheaper network backbone.

These companies, collectively called Application Service Providers (ASP), used a variety of different approaches to deliver enterprise software over the web.  They ranged from: (more…)

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Everything Old Is New Again

By Terence Craig

I had a discussion recently with a very talented but young product manager on the merits of SaaS (Software as a Service) and multi-tenancy versus traditional Enterprise Software.  The discussion got a little easier when I gave him some history about how we got here.  Yeah, I realize that knowing this history makes me ancient in programmer years.

SaaS could be defined as the combination of a new architectural model known as multi-tenancy with a payment model which has been around since the mainframe era — timesharing.   In this post I will focus on the history of timesharing.  In the next post I will discuss multi-tenancy.

SaaS re-introduced the hardware/software rental model known as timesharing to the world. For those of you who are young enough to think that Paul McCartney was always a solo act it may seem shocking, but yes people where renting software and data centers decades before was founded.

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