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Big Data, Analytics, and Privacy: Do No Harm

Part 2 in an ongoing series on data privacy.

By Mary Ludloff

You may be wondering why all the focus on data privacy? I mean, since PatternBuilders is an analytics solution provider one might think that we should be leading the charge towards data transparency. And we are.

But you cannot have a discussion about big data and analytics without also considering data privacy. In a recent article in Mashable, Alistair Croll asks “Who owns your data?” Now, you may remember that in a previous post I said that “you” own your data and I stand by that statement. But Alistair has a point:

“But as we use the Internet for “free,” we have to remember that if we’re not paying for something, we’re not the customer. We are in fact the product being sold — or, more specifically, our data is.”

Words to “surf” by. (more…)

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