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Data Privacy Roundup: From Self-Policing to Regulation and Litigation

Part 3 in an ongoing series on data privacy.

By Mary Ludloff

Many pundits in this space have predicted that 2011 will be the year of data privacy. Certainly, there have been a flurry of posts and articles on the state of privacy over the past few months and if you’re like me, you’ve watched the Internet community have an impact on how companies are behaving. For example:

  • Goldman Sachs pulled its Facebook shares to U.S. clients due to intense media scrutiny on the deal that made the SEC sit up and pay a bit more attention. For an entertaining, yet sobering, take on the original Facebook offering, check out Robert Cringely’s “50 billion reasons why Facebook is not worth $50 billion.”
  • Facebook removes developer access to user addresses and phone numbers. Yes, as reported in ReadWriteWeb, Facebook announced on its developer blog that it would make users’ addresses and mobile phones numbers accessible as part of its User Graph object. There was just one small problem: it was far too easy for Facebook users to allow access to this information without realizing it. After a couple of days of Internet fuming (really and as far as I am concerned, this is a good thing), Facebook wisely decided to take that access away.


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